Brisket Chili

Few things go better with Chili than smoked brisket. I just started making this delicacy over the past year and thought of it when the family was tired of having stand-alone brisket for the 3rd day in a row…is it really possible to get tired of brisket :). Now that I know just how great […]

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Jalapeno’s aka: Atomic Buffalo Turds

When explaining an Atomic Buffalo Turd (ABT) to someone, you’ll either find someone salivating or running for the hills. Just imagine the flavor explosion when you mix bacon, cream cheese, cheddar cheese and jalapeno.. I was explaining this to a friend over the winter holiday and he said “you had me at bacon.” If you’re […]

Mac and Cheese with Ham

When I was growing up, I had macaroni and cheese (MNC) almost every single night for dinner. As an adult, I don’t consider it to be the healthiest of choices and have it rarely; however, I find it to be one of the best comfort foods out there. I especially love how the gourmet restaurants […]

Brisket Crescent Rolls

I smoked a brisket on a Tuesday and we had a block party to attend the next day.  The block party was a pot luck dinner, where everyone brings some type of food. I thought it would be great to include my leftover brisket in some way other than just setting out a big platter […]

BBQ Quesadillas

When you think of leftovers, typically you don’t think of anything too exciting. We had leftover Beer Can Chicken (BCC) and Brisket from our Labor Day weekend and I wanted to throw something together that was different than simply re-heating the meat (even though that would have been good too). I don’t really spend too […]