Dry Rub

As I’ve mentioned in other areas on my blog, my favorite store bought rub is Salt Lick Original Dry Rub. However, when I take the time to make homemade rub, I’m always pleased with the results. This rub recipe was found in a book by Southern Living (with contributing BBQ Pitmaster and Author, Troy Black). […]

Top 10 Big Green Egg ‘Eggcessories’

Imagine buying a brand new vehicle and only knowing the brand, but never test driving or knowing the features and overall functionality of the vehicle. Sounds a bit absurd, but I did this once and regretted it every time I sat down in the vehicle because I didn’t have all the features originally desired. Along […]

Slow and Low: the BBQ secret

My sister was in town last night from Tyler, TX and we took her out for her birthday. Her choice was to have barbeque and she picked The County Line. I enjoy the ambiance of the restaurant and sitting on the lake makes it especially near and dear to my heart; however, the BBQ is […]

The difference a single degree makes

*Note: this is an old post from another blog that I wrote a couple of years ago, but felt it was good information to include here. This morning I woke up early to put 2 pork butt’s on the Big Green Egg (BGE). I pulled the pork out of my garage fridge, soaked the hickory […]

Egg Cracked?

If you haven’t noticed or haven’t read my other posts, you may know that I absolutely love cooking on my Big Green Egg.  I recently noticed the outer green shell of the egg has hairline cracks all over, from top to bottom.  I’ve had one instance when cooking cheeseburgers and shutting both the top and […]