Top 10 Big Green Egg ‘Eggcessories’

Imagine buying a brand new vehicle and only knowing the brand, but never test driving or knowing the features and overall functionality of the vehicle. Sounds a bit absurd, but I did this once and regretted it every time I sat down in the vehicle because I didn’t have all the features originally desired. Along those same lines, I’ve had many friends who bought a Big Green Egg (BGE) or other kamado style grill and were not properly given the run down of must have’s for this amazing grill. These accessories or better termed as ‘eggcessories’ will help you officially get started on a great grilling experience. Also, for anyone looking to give a gift for the griller in the house, this is a great place to get started. (Note, all accessories listed below are sized for a Big Green Egg Large)

1. Nest with Egg Mate or table for the BGE – I’ve known people to buy one of these grills without a nest or table and just set it on the ground. This would be like buying a BMW without wheels, in my opinion, and the sales person should not have let the buyer walk out. Unless you have this being installed into an outdoor kitchen, the best nest or table will include wheels, so you can move the BGE easily.

2. Plate setter – viva la smoke! If you intend to slow smoke, you need the plate setter for indirect cooking. It seems many folks are intimidated by slow smoking, which is a cumbersome duty when working with a typical smoker. Keep in mind, the BGE makes this job much easier and requires much less tending during the actually cooking process. See my many posts under Big Green Egg Smoking to learn how.

3. BGE ash tool – this will help clean out the ashes from the bottom part of your grill without taking the entire grill apart to do so…

4. BGE ash pan – once you have the ash tool, you need a proper shovel to catch the ashes. This shovel is perfectly sized for the BGE.

5. Grill brush – it would be unsanitary to leave the meat residue on the cooking surface of the grill.

6. Pizza stone – whether you love brick oven style pizza or not, you’ll use this for any baking.

7. Digital remote thermometer or the DigiQ BBQ Guru – used for smoking meat, this device will allow you to always know the temp of your grill and the internal temp of your meat. You want to avoid opening the grill much, if any during slow smokes, and this will keep you aware of the temp at all times. The BBQ Guru will hold your temp for hours and allow you to set up your grill and let the fan keep your pit temp exactly where you want it. I recently moved to using the Guru and absolutely recommend going this route if you’re planning to smoke on your BGE often.

8. V rib rack – use this to smoke more ribs and also can be used to cook a roast

9. Beer can chicken rack – funny name, amazingly tender and juicy chicken

10. Grilling tools – most grillers have these, but can’t leave this out


  1. I love my egg

    the most important tool that every egger should have is a Instant Read Digital Meat Thermometer – PT100
    Gives a quick digital readout of the internal temperature of foods.

    Perfect Temp Means Perfect Food . Stop by East Texas Brick and ask for James . I will be more that happy to share .. Blessings

  2. Going to try your double smoked spiral ham with my new Joetisserie. Cooked a chicken last weekend. Why a rotisserie on a BGE? It continually bastes the meat. The reason I put my comment here is because my favorite new toy is the Joetisserie.

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