Slow and Low: the BBQ secret

My sister was in town last night from Tyler, TX and we took her out for her birthday. Her choice was to have barbeque and she picked The County Line. I enjoy the ambiance of the restaurant and sitting on the lake makes it especially near and dear to my heart; however, the BBQ is not quite what I expect in good Texas BBQ. I think two things led to my slight disappointment: 1. lacking a good smoked taste and 2. the SAUCE, which can make or break the whole thing. My family, including kids, wife, ex-wife and sister all said that my barbeque is better…I’m not sure if they are just flattering me or not, but it definitely gave me the itch to smoke some meat.

It’s been awhile since I’ve smoked anything(since December), so today I’m trying to decide which meat will have the pleasure of being slow smoked this weekend. I’m not really sure what makes a guy love the act of smoking meat…maybe the Tim Allen in me (har har haaar), or maybe just the fact that I grew up watching my Dad do the same thing. My Dad was from Tennessee, where they really know how to slow smoke a pork butt. When Dad would get prepared to cook this delicacy, he would generally cook through into the night. I remember nights sitting on the back porch listening to the local high school football games and the smell of BBQ smoke all around us…sweet memories. Whatever my motivation is, I now have that laser focus to find the best brisket or pork butt in town and start the process of preparing the cook.

For some strange reason I have the Beastie Boys song in my head “Slow and Low”… I think the Big Green Egg is smiling at me, ready to do what it does best Winking smile.


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