Egg Cracked?

If you haven’t noticed or haven’t read my other posts, you may know that I absolutely love cooking on my Big Green Egg.  I recently noticed the outer green shell of the egg has hairline cracks all over, from top to bottom.  I’ve had one instance when cooking cheeseburgers and shutting both the top and bottom vents (allowing the meat to rest), where I had brown juice sweat through the tiny cracks on the top and bottom of the Egg.  It may have made only a slightly noticeable difference in the outcome of the meat (somewhat drier); however, I am concerned about the future performance.

I have reached out to the great folks whom I bought the Egg from (BBQ Outfitters in Austin, TX) and they said BGE would like to see pictures of this in action to determine the issue and provide assistance.  This is my first opportunity to address an issue with my Egg in the past 3 years and I sincerely hope it doesn’t turn into a negative experience.  I’m writing about this to ask my fellow Eggheads, if they have ever run into such an issue and if they have any advice on how to handle?

I will provide updates as they become available, maybe this will help someone else out in the future Smile.


I have been contacted by Big Green Egg customer support.  Here’s the message sent:

This is not anything to be concerned about.  What is being described is crazing and is found in all ceramic items to one degree or another.  It does not turn into anything worse and can be made less noticeable by cleaning the Egg with mild soap and water.  Do not allow water to get into the grill.  Here is some more information about the subject:

There are tiny cracks in the glaze on my cooker. Is this normal? Yes, this is normal. If you have a cooker like the Big Green Egg,  which has a glaze on it, this “crazing” does no harm and is no reason to be concerned. If you should have chunks of ceramic popping out or big chips coming off, that would be a different matter. But the fine spiderwork of tiny cracks is normal and can be ignored. You can see the type of cracks on question in the photo at right. Our large Big Green Egg has been like this for most of its life and it hasn’t created any problems. Nor has the crazing gotten any worse with time. This is just normal for the ceramic glaze used on some cookers.

egg cracks

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